Moral Issue In Being Wealthy

Have you ever thought of how a million dollars can change a wealthy person’s moral life?

There are many people who may have moral issues when coming to those who are wealthy.

If you’re curious about the wealthy person’s wealth, you’ll certainly want to understand how a million dollars a month can bring about a lavish lifestyle.

Wealthy living

When coming to living a wealthy lifestyle, you’ll wonder how it feels like to. Everything can be grandeur.

A big house, expensive cars, expensive boats, even substantial swimming pools, and luxurious airplanes.

But is there something either right or wrong being wealthy? Morally, there may be some people who will disagree with such life.


Some people believe, morally, someone who has a lot of money should give to those who do not have.

The lesson here is that the person who acquired wealth did not do so instantaneously.

Understand that a wealthy person most of the time has been disciplined initially.

For example, people like Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in America, believe in investing his money in stocks that pay dividends.

Think long term

When investing, you do not merely look at purchasing the stocks but think of it as buying into a business that you expect to grow into a decade or more, says Warren Buffet in a Men’s Journal interview. 

By buying into the business instead of looking at it as purchasing the stock, you are building wealth and not worrying about the ups and downs of the stock market every day.

So, you see what the expert has to say, again, understanding is the key to wealth through investing.


Investing is not merely taking your money and placing it into the stock market but acquiring the necessary knowledge about what stocks to purchase and which stocks to keep in one’s portfolio and having the patience to travel the ups and downs of the market.

Not panicking but having a financial, emotional intelligence.

Financial emotional intelligence

Developing your financial, emotional intelligence will take you a long way once it developed adequately.

What is financial, emotional intelligence?

Financial, emotional intelligence is to live within your means, and you need to spend less than you make, according to the definition in Investopedia.

Do you agree with such a definition?

Warren Buffet

Moral Issue In Being Wealthy

Warren Buffet continues to live in the same house that he grew up in when he was young.

He did not have to show how affluent he is and go to purchase a mansion as some who have had acquired estates only to have lost them.

Warren Buffet understood the concept of emotional intelligence.

He had his emotion attached to his money, not allowing his money to have control over him.

How a million dollars a month can change one’s life

Will you allow a million dollars a month to change your life? If it has to change your life, how will it affect the humanity within you?

Will you morally help those financially or share your knowledge with them?

These are the questions that one needs to ask.

Whether you give all the money away or help teach others how to become financially responsible is up to you.

You have to make that decision in choosing which one has the higher moral.

Published by Ignatius Robertson

Ignatius Robertson was born in Trinidad, West Indies and migrated to the United States of America in 1973. Upon his arrival, he realized that this was the land of opportunities. His father was instrumental in his life, to motivate him and to have him focused on education. Ignatius was always into music and always had at least a guitar to create music. However, he had to make a living and so he chose to focus on human behavior instead, acquiring his BA in Psychology at York College and later in life, pursued his Masters in Public Administration at Marist College in Poughkeepsie. During his spare time, he became involved in personal development, taking a 12-month course with Bob Proctor, who appeared in the movie, The Secret. Prior to his encounter with Bob Proctor, he read such books as Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Master Key to Riches, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, The Richest Man In Babylon, Think Big and many other books.

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