How to Make a Million Dollars

If you want to make a million dollars in a month and want to become a millionaire, well, it is completely possible and way easier than you think. You don’t have to go to the casino and bet all your savings. You don’t have to purchase lottery tickets to become a millionaire.

Making the first million dollars is always challenging. When you make your first million, the rest is easy. You may have heard money makes money, and it’s true. If you want to know how to make a million dollars in a month, you’re in the right place. Let us tell you that there are certain decisions that you have to make while you’re young to be able to make a million dollars. Here are a few things that you can do to make a million dollars in a month.

Let’s get started!

How To Make A Million Dollars

Selecting the appropriate major is the first step that you have to take if you want to make a million dollars. You have to choose the appropriate major; college education isn’t the only way to make a million dollars. But if you have a four-year degree, things will be a lot easier and smoother for you.

Popular career choices that get paid a lot are pharmacist, economist, petroleum engineer, actuary, accountant, and system engineer, etc. Select one of these popular career choices, and you’ll be well on your way to make a million dollars.

How To Become A Millionaire

Many people don’t invest; they wait for the “right” time. Well, here’s the truth there’s never the right time. Don’t wait for the right time, and start investing early if you want to make a million dollars.

Early investment should be your top priority, and you don’t have to be an expert in marketing to invest your money. There are different tools like betterment available on the internet, which allow you to avoid technical jargon, and you can get started right away.

Real Estate Investment

Real estate is the best source to earn a million dollars in a month. If you have money in your hand, invest it in real estate because the worth of real estate relates to time, and as time passes, the value of a property will increase.

If you don’t want to purchase a property, you can use different portals such as fund rise that allow you to get in a real estate business with as low as $500.

how to make a million in a month?
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Ask & Negotiate

Are you getting paid as per your skills or what you’re worth? Most employers won’t give you a raise because you work too hard, or you’ve been working for the company for the past four to five years.

You have to ask for the raise, and before you request a salary raise, we recommend you make a list of reasons why you deserve a raise. When your request is granted, negotiate, and get the best deal for yourself.

The Bottom Line!

It is not hard to become a millionaire; you should have clear goals in your mind and play your chips accordingly. is helping people earn millions per month.

You can work with them and earn a million dollars per month. Give them a call at 609-534-0406.

How To Earn A Million Dollars

The question comes, how do I earn a million dollars in a month?

Million dollar product

To earn a million dollars in a month, you need to have products. What sort of a product, you may ask? Well, if you happen to possess a particular product for example, that is worth 1 million dollars; and you can sell that product, you therefore can receive a million dollars.


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If you happen to have stocks in the stock market, you can look for penny stocks. You can then purchase these penny stocks in bulk. Make sure that they are worthy shares.

You want to monitor these stocks carefully during the month. When they begin to rise in value within the month, you want to sell at that point where you can have a million dollars.

How to earn a million in Real Estate

Now you have the third step. You can purchase real estate.

But when you purchase real estate, you want to make sure that it has good Equity.
If you’re fortunate to get enough real estate within that month, where you can accumulate 1 million dollars worth of Equity, you can sell them all and have a million dollars in a month.

With all of this, you need money, first of all. Where are you going to get the money to make money?

Finding the resources

If you have good credit and have collateral, you can go to the bank and start from there.
Once you start borrowing the money, you have to spend it wisely to make a million in a month.

The best of all the examples that I have given to you is the best products.

Rare products in your hand

You must find leads to purchase those products. So you have to find a product that is rare where someone cannot find that product anywhere. You can be the only one who possesses that product.
It could be an invention; It can be a product that has been selling, and it is now scarce to get, and you own it.

Now, if you have a bulk of rarity products, and for example, let’s say, each of those products that you have in your possession is worth $25,000.
To earn a million dollars within a month, you will need to sell 40 of those scarce products to amass $1,000,000.00 (one million dollars) in a month.

Now, you need to work hard to get 40 people to purchase your product within a month.

You can even try the lotto if you’re a gambler and believe that you can win the lottery. You can then play the lottery and hope you can make a million dollars in a month if that’s your choice.

The alternative

I have a product that you’re interested in that product can show you exactly how you can make a million dollars in a month. So please sign up for this product. This product is on this website, how to make a million in a month. And you must believe that you can do it because if you do not have the right mindset, you will not achieve that success that you’re seeking. So that is why I want you to go to that website and sign up, put in your name and email address.
With just your name and email, you will receive all the necessary information, and you can sign up for that course as to how to make a million dollars in a month.
And that is how you can earn a million in a month.

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Moral Issue In Being Wealthy

Have you ever thought of how a million dollars can change a wealthy person’s moral life?

There are many people who may have moral issues when coming to those who are wealthy.

If you’re curious about the wealthy person’s wealth, you’ll certainly want to understand how a million dollars a month can bring about a lavish lifestyle.

Wealthy living

When coming to living a wealthy lifestyle, you’ll wonder how it feels like to. Everything can be grandeur.

A big house, expensive cars, expensive boats, even substantial swimming pools, and luxurious airplanes.

But is there something either right or wrong being wealthy? Morally, there may be some people who will disagree with such life.


Some people believe, morally, someone who has a lot of money should give to those who do not have.

The lesson here is that the person who acquired wealth did not do so instantaneously.

Understand that a wealthy person most of the time has been disciplined initially.

For example, people like Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in America, believe in investing his money in stocks that pay dividends.

Think long term

When investing, you do not merely look at purchasing the stocks but think of it as buying into a business that you expect to grow into a decade or more, says Warren Buffet in a Men’s Journal interview. 

By buying into the business instead of looking at it as purchasing the stock, you are building wealth and not worrying about the ups and downs of the stock market every day.

So, you see what the expert has to say, again, understanding is the key to wealth through investing.


Investing is not merely taking your money and placing it into the stock market but acquiring the necessary knowledge about what stocks to purchase and which stocks to keep in one’s portfolio and having the patience to travel the ups and downs of the market.

Not panicking but having a financial, emotional intelligence.

Financial emotional intelligence

Developing your financial, emotional intelligence will take you a long way once it developed adequately.

What is financial, emotional intelligence?

Financial, emotional intelligence is to live within your means, and you need to spend less than you make, according to the definition in Investopedia.

Do you agree with such a definition?

Warren Buffet

Moral Issue In Being Wealthy

Warren Buffet continues to live in the same house that he grew up in when he was young.

He did not go to purchase a mansion as some who have had acquired estates only to have lost them.

Warren Buffet understood the concept of emotional intelligence.

He had his emotion attached to his money, not allowing his money to have control over him.

How a million dollars a month can change one’s life

Will you allow a million dollars a month to change your life? If it has to change your life, how will it affect the humanity within you?

Will you morally help those financially or share your knowledge with them?

These are the questions that one needs to ask.

Whether you give all the money away or help teach others how to become financially responsible is up to you.

You have to make that decision in choosing which one has the higher moral.

How To Overcome Fear

How to overcome fear

Sometimes we are faced with that dreadful word calls fear. When you think of something about to happen, the majority of the time, it does happen. Speaking from experience, I encountered someone who had since moved on to the other side.

Expecting the worst

When it comes to death, I’m not particularly eager to talk about it. However, during Covid19, I was helping this lady who was afraid of coming outside. She feared the worst, and she feared coming down with the virus.

Lesson from the Book of Job

In the book of Job 3:25, he said, “for the thing, I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of has come unto me.” If you noticed the word “greatly.” Job stressed the word significantly, giving it energy in describing fear as it came upon him. As a result of that fear, it eventually came unto him.

Today, we faced all different challenges in life. Whether it is our health, relationship, finance, or current situation taking place around the world or in the USA, we are always watching to see what’s next. We need not fear because God did not give us a spirit of fear but of a sound mind. We need to continue doing what we are accustomed doing except, for course, wearing our face mask and keeping our social distance in protecting ourselves and others.


I want to revisit the beginning of this blog, where I mentioned assisting this lady. She was fearful that she would get the virus, it was sad to say that the same fear that she had was the same fear that took her life. She was found dead in her apartment and is no longer here with us, all due to that dreadful word, “fear.”

Overcoming fear

We can overcome fear only if we believe that there’s nothing to be afraid of. Ask yourself the next time, why am I worried? Gradually approach that fearfulness from within your mind and ask, is it real? Mostly, the fear that we carry from within us is only false evidence appearing to be authentic.

Believe in yourself, dare to dream, and have no fear. Stay focused upon the excellent outcome, and you’ll see the benefit of overcoming fear.

14 Principles To Success In How To Make A Million In A Month

how to make money
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There are 14 principles to success in how to make a million in a month. The question is, do you want to make money? Ask yourself that question. Could you actually make cash?

Now here it is, you acknowledge to join up with a program. It does not matter which one you endorse; nevertheless, you ended up enrolling. This appears to happen in every sequence. Presently, this rationale is why you transpire to involve in a program is that you want to make money, but let me ask you this.
Do you have a job, a regular 9-5? Here are the the 14 principles that you’ll need for success.

# 1-First day of work

On the first day of work, did you approach your boss and ask him for your paycheck for the week?

Perhaps, the boss may look at you strangely and ask why I should give you a paycheck without you working for the week.

# 2- No work, no pay

It’s the same process that you cannot see the result when you join a program if you do not do the work, you do not generate an income.
When you sign up for a specific program of your choice, you have to do the work.

# 3-Re-visit

Sometimes the work can be uncomfortable. But again, let’s go back to the job. So you went to work on your very first Monday morning at nine o’clock and punched in your time. You then approached the boss and requested your paycheck for the week. The boss then said that he wants you to do this and to do that. You replied to the boss, ‘okay, boss.’

# 4-First task

The very first task, you encountered a challenge. You then begin to scratch your head and complain that there’s no solution here. But if you cannot figure it out, you have to find a way to figure to do so.


The reason why we all received an education, is to train own thought patterns.
We went to school to learn how to read, write, and perform arithmetic.
This is the primary three, Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.

Accounting goes into different categories such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and then it becomes more difficult.

If you do not understand the basics, you cannot move forward. So, it is imperative to understand the basics.

#6- Internet program

Let’s say you purchased a program on the internet to generate a steady flow of income. When you opened up the program, you saw a humongous amount of work to achieve your goal, which is to create that residual income.

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#7- Believe in you

You may say to yourself that I have to put in too much to make money. Besides, you may also say, everybody else is making money on the internet, how come I cannot have my share? Until you believe in you, success would be far away to achieve.

#8- Making money online

Today, the internet has many who state that they are making money online. Then, you have those who are literally making money. However, you may not know who is actually doing so or not.

You have to make an effort to achieve the result that you want to make. To make that effort, you must have an understanding as to how others are doing it.

#9- Understanding your “why” and “how”

First of all, you didn’t understand their ‘Why’ and ‘How’ that they use to motivate themselves to make money.
Each of us needs to understand our ‘Why’ and ‘How’ before purchasing a program. If we fail to do so, we’re destined for failure. Many people go from program to program without success because they do not know how to make money. They have no idea that understanding “why” is important.

Many successful internet entrepreneurs would tell you that you need your ‘Why’ and ‘How’ before going forward.

#10- Setting your goals

You then need to set a goal, and setting goals is not merely setting a goal today and forgetting it. After creating your ‘Why’ and ‘How,’ you must know what you want. You must know how much, and how long that you’re willing to take to achieve that goal. This is part of the successful entrepreneur’s strategies that you want to develop.

#11- Continue your learning

Robert Kyosaki, Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, stated that education does not stop after college. He favors continuing your education as far as reading books about your field of study and attending seminars.

#12- Learn from the pros

It is a similar scenario with successful entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs prioritize education in mastering their skills. They went to school to learn how to create websites for example so that they can developed into person that they wanted to become. They may have sat down in a classroom or took online classes.

In today’s technology, an expert in a respective field can generate programs, and you can dedicate your time to learning as well.

#13- Your Understanding

When coming to learning, it is a process, a learning process in understanding your material. You may be told that you have to read Chapter One, and upon completion of that chapter, you’re given a quiz to test how much that you have retained.

Chapter Two, an examination is then given to test your understanding of that particular chapter likewise. You may be instructed to watch a YouTube session for a clearer understanding. As you are engaged in the learning process, you begin to master the skill that you initially set out to achieve.

#14- Your Attitude

Having the right attitude should also be taken into consideration as it can play a significant role in establishing the necessary drive to continue to learn.

You want to instill in yourself that you’re here to learn, and you want to learn as much as you can. You want to do your best that you can, so the only way that you can do that is by listening to the professor, for example. By listening to the teacher and doing everything that the teacher would, or the professor is telling you to do.

how to make a million in a month
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The product

Now going back to the product that you end up purchasing online. You may find that it is a simple product. If you do not know how it works and you end up buying it, naturally, you would want to read up about it or watch a video or listen to a recording. When you are told that you have to perform these mental activities to attain the result that you’re seeking, you cannot expect instant results.

If you are not educating yourself about the product or not utilizing the information, how can you be successful? There’s no way you’ll be successful if you do not do or take the necessary steps to acquire the information regarding the product.

You have to understand in life there’s almost/always a process involved.
From the very first day you were born, learning began to take place. We had to learn the basics of life, and this obviously meant learning.

Some people may become complacent, and their memory begins to dissipate at a later stage in life. You do not want that to happen to you. You want to be always learning something new, establishing new goals, and seeking to achieve them is a good idea.

Learning more

“Why should I learn any more?” you may ask, but that shouldn’t be the question that you want to ask yourself. You ought to make learning an ongoing process. It can prepare you for a much better life later on.

If you say that you want to make money from home and that you want to make money fast, especially, you cannot believe that it’s going to come to you just like that.

Some people want to make a million dollars, for instance, but they cannot see that in their mind’s eyes. They begin to doubt themselves from the very first thought. How can you have something and, at the same time, not believing that it is possible? You must first accept the idea before you can even start taking action.


Taking action is not even enough, you must have that passion. If you can initiate that passion in you, achieving your goal becomes much more doable. The thought of how to make a million dollars can be possible.

If you’re passionate about that particular program and believe that it can make you a better person, by all means, get it. Because anything that you’re doing and there’s a passion behind it, you are going to see results. There’s no and, if, or buts, about it.

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The reasoning behind the passion is to make the journey much more comfortable. When you have that passion, every day when you rise and give gratitude for the day, the intensity begins to flow like a river streaming into the ocean of plenty.

“The more gratefully we fix our minds on the Supreme when good things come to us, the more good things we will receive, and the more rapidly they will come. The reason simply is that the mental attitude of gratitude draws the mind into closer touch with the source from which the blessings come,”
Wallace D. Wattles from The Science of Getting Rich

A million in a month

How can you acquire a million in a month? Follow the basic rules.
If you follow the basic rules, you can acquire it.

You may believe that you have to work hard to make a million dollars overnight, but that does not have to be true. You have probably heard the saying that ‘knowledge is power.’ Yes, that is true, but the reality of it is ‘power’ when you use that ‘knowledge.’ If you have the knowledge and you do not use it, then it becomes useless.

If you say that you want to make money online every day and you purchase a program. When you buy the plan, it comes with information for you to absorb. If you fail to utilize that information, you cannot achieve the success you want to make.

Many people go from program to program without success because they do not know their “why.” You must understand “why” then begin to have an idea as to what you want to achieve. I talked about setting goals in the past. This is crucial, and I stress that over and over.

The beginning is where everything good was formed. If you want to make money with, of course, a set amount in mind for a worthy cause, then it shall be given to you.

Think of a particular goal that you had success with and had compassion for it.

Try to go through that initial process. How did it feel like when you had that first idea in your mind? Why did you come up with the idea?

The process that you went through in the past is the same. You can use this same process to acquire whatever you want to.

Go back to the essential Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic scenario mentioned earlier.

You must read, you must write, and you must be familiar with the basics of counting.
How much money do you want? Acquire knowledge about the idea that you have to generate income. Develop that passion and take action. If you have to purchase an affiliate program, go ahead and get it without hesitation and dive into it with all that drive. You want to ask yourself, is this program for me? When coming to the cost of the program, never let that stop you from purchasing it. Believe in yourself that it will happen and it will. Trust in yourself that you have what it takes. Do not shift your thought to anything else until you have entirely read what is to be understood. If you have videos to watch, watch them in their entirety. If you have to listen to recordings, do so.

Whatever that you have to do to achieve your goals, do it with consistency. Then, when you’re through, find someone who has the same mind frame as you to discuss. You would then have a clearer understanding and, subsequently, have the confidence to market the product. This can lead you to make money.

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How To Make A Million In A Month From Successful People’s Stories

successful people's stories
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If you are thinking of making a million in a month by listening to successful people’s stories with a burning desire, it can be inspirational and motivating to those who are seeking to make a million dollars in a month, not a year or ten years from now.

When you’re thinking of making money, and especially making money online, today, it is prevalent for you to achieve that goal. There is no doubt that you are going to achieve that goal. Once you keep focusing upon your goal, you are going to be successful at it.

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Successful people’s stories

By focusing on successful people’s stories, you are one step closer to achieving your goal. Allow me to tell you about how you can achieve those goals.

Step number one.

Remember and remember always; whatever you are affirming directly from your conscious mind, that is what is impressed upon the subconscious mind. The intention is so right on point in delivering information to your subconscious mind; I recommend that you take heed of what thoughts you’re planting within your subconscious mind.

Successful people focus primarily upon a clear definition of thoughts when creating their goals. They are continually nurturing their mind with that which is benevolent.

I am sure that some time in your life, you had a burning desire for something. I don’t know what it was, but you had a desire to achieve, how to receive that something that you wanted. I am confident that you did receive it.

The point here that I am making is that I want you to become conscious of what you are placing into your conscious mind as you put that thought into your conscious mind; you are sending a message to your subconscious mind at the same time.

Therefore whatever you are seeking, you are going to receive it providing and providing that you are definitely in need of that particular thing, for it creates a burning desire from within your heart.

Burning desire

As you focus upon that burning desire from within your heart, there is no need to repeat it continuously. For it is like a seed that you have planted in the ground. So you want to receive a million dollars in a month.
And if only you understand successful people’s stories, you are going to see that it is attainable through multiple streams of income.

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Multiple streams of income

Multiple streams of income is one way of you attaining that million in a month. Many successful people have done such. When you set your mind to that goal, believe that it will come through. Perhaps you may find that it is taking a little longer to achieve than expected, but remember, you will make it possible.

Making a million in a month is not like you’re going to begin to receive it the same month that you gave thought to it. It has to take work to achieve it. It would be best if you believe that it is possible to make it come through.

I was hoping you could focus on that seed that you sowed within your mind. When you place that seed in the ground, it does not grow immediately, but as time goes by, it begins to take form.

It is a similar process within the mind for thoughts that are ideas that take form. When you put those ideas into action, then you can see your dream fulfilled.

It would be best if you search for people who have been successful and read up about their stories. That way, you are nourishing your thought. You are feeding your ideas. They give you more and more ideas as you read up about them. As you listen to successful people’s stories, you eventually begin to believe, because that is how the mind is.


Whatever you wanted in life or whatever desire you had previously, and you achieve it, it is the same way that you can achieve a million in a month through merely creating that idea.

Once you create that idea, it is not just that you have one purpose.
You want to have multiple ideas to generate multiple streams of income coming in at the same time.

It would help if you stay focus upon multiple streams of income at the same time, listen to successful people’s stories, stay motivated, inspired with a burning desire, and you can achieve a million in a month.

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The Pros and Cons of How to Make a Million in a Month

The pros of making a million in a month

It is the right attitude that generates the corresponding outcome that you seek. The subconscious mind will deliver what you place upon it. Therefore, it is best to have the right attitude to get the best outcome. When you believe that you can make a million in a month, then it will become possible. Remember that there is nothing impossible if you believe. 

So, therefore, you must firmly believe that it is possible.

Having a million dollar idea

It would help if you had a purpose. It is an idea that is going to start nurturing the mind. Once you have that idea, please do not change it. Keep that idea constant for as long as you can focus upon that particular idea. This could be your million dollar idea to create a million in a month.


You want to follow someone who is leading you in the right direction of your chosen goal. The mind, especially the subconscious mind, likes order. Once you are disciplined, you are going to make that impression upon the mind.

Impress the mind

How to make an impression upon the mind. You want to impress upon the mind precisely what you’re seeing on paper. It is necessary to state on paper clearly as to what you want to accomplish.You must state what you intend to do to acquire 1 million in a month.

You must state a time frame as to when you’re going to acquire a million in a month. You must indicate the steps that you’re taking to obtain a million in a month.

The cons of how to make a million in a month

You do not want to have an adverse reaction. You do not want to use negative words. 

When you employ a negative word in your vocabulary, you are eliminating the impression upon your mind.

Believing that you can acquire a million a month will cause you to begin the process of obtaining a million in a month.

Intellectually indolent

You do not want to be intellectually lazy to think of ideas because it is ideas that are going to excel what you wish to acquire.

You do not want to begin the process and then to come to a stop.

You want to continue moving forward once you begin to start by focusing on an idea. It would be best if you continue to focus on that idea solely.


You do not want to be jumping from one idea to the next.

This will slow down the process of you acquiring 1 million in a month.

You do not want to listen to others when you are planning on acquiring a million in a month. You do not want to look to naysayers because there are a lot of them who do not believe that it is possible. So you want to keep all of your ideas to yourself.

Not writing what you want

Another reason why you are not receiving a million in a month is that you are refusing to write down precisely what you want.

You must write down what you want to make the impression upon the mind.

These are the pros and cons of how to make a million in a month.


You want to have a clear statement as to what you want to accomplish. You want to stay focus on what you want to achieve. You want to be consistent, and most of all, you want to believe in what you’re doing.

You cannot have a doubt within your mind. You cannot begin something without a plan. You cannot be inconsistent; once you start, you must stay consistent, and most of all, you must write down what you want, and this is the pros and cons of how to make a million in a month.

If you’re interested in furthering your dreams, click here.

How to Make a Thousand Dollars in a Week

how to make a thousand in a week

How to make a thousand dollars in a week.

Have you ever thought about people who do not want to leave their home and who like to eat their bellyful without having to go outside? Now is the time for that opportunity. Since delivery service is now in high demand, ordering is at a pinnacle. Well, people have choices of ordering food. And what kind of food? They have different types of food that they can order.

They can order McDonald’s, Burger King, Popeye, Pizza, Chinese food.

They can even order groceries.


If you have a vehicle and driver’s license, and sometimes you don’t even need a driver’s license. If you have a scooter, a bike, or motorized bike with a big bag to strap over your shoulder and ride down the street back and forth, you can make a thousand dollars in a week. By the way, this can be done on your own time. You are your own boss.


You have a lot of delivery companies out there. I have personally seen a few of them, such as Postmates. I have witnessed GrubHub, even Amazon is on the trail. I have seen. Seamless advertising on windows.

I have seen new companies coming up, such as Caviar. I never knew of such a company until recently. I found out from someone who was doing that. And he was saying that he was making money doing it.

But one of the Stone Age companies that I can think of is Ubereats. Ubereats hire people literally from the street once you have a vehicle, driver’s license, insurance, and a bank account. 

Making money

Sometimes you don’t even need a bank account; you can link your account with a card, and you’re set. Then again, it’s best to have a bank account because the beauty of it is that you can see money going into your account daily as fast as you go out there to deliver food for people who want to stay at home. People tend to order not because they have a credit card, but most do not want to lose their parking spot on the street.

So if you really want to make a thousand dollars in a week and I am talking about the low end of it, you can give it a shot.

You can try Ubereats.

So here it is. This is how you can make a thousand dollars in a week.

But you have to have the stamina to be going continuously. Besides, you have a lot of promotions that will get you to get to that point in no time at all.

Give it a try.

Don’t forget.

Leave your email so that you can get weekly tips as to how you can make money here.

7 Things That You Need To Know About How To Make A Million In A Month

Okay, 7 things that you need to know about how to make a million in a month. And those 7 things will include what do you really want? Content, marketing, books to read, knowing the subconscious mind, statistics, and setting goals.

1. What do you really want?

Ask yourself, what do you really want? When you can answer that question clearly and concisely, your subconscious mind will be there to assist you in achieving your goal. It makes it easier to achieve a million in a month for you.

You see, making a million in a month is not all that difficult unless you make it appear that way. You want to become aware of the working of the mind and understand how it tends to play tricks with us. If you don’t believe me, do this exercise. Whenever you find yourself in a situation, and you begin to mention the words, “I can’t.” If you can actually complete the task saying, “I can’t,” you would have to be one of the rare ones.

I have been in situations where I felt as though I could no longer go any further, when I suddenly found myself saying, I can. To my amazement, I was performing the task with ease.

This is how the mind plays a trick on us. The conscious mind, which is the awakened mind, provides information to the subconscious mind, the sleeping brain. Whatever information that the conscious mind sends to the subconscious mind, the subconscious mind will accept it as the fact. Therefore, if you can take data as such as making a million in a month and allowing the subconscious mind to receive that information as accurate, then you will have that one million in a month.

2. Content

Now content will be as such that when you’re writing content, you want to make sure that you are creating information that can benefit the reader.

Now in our scenario here, content would be as far as how to make a million dollars in a month. Now to make a million dollars in a month, you want to let the reader know how I can make a million dollars in a month.

You have people who believe that it would take 30 years, 50 years to make a million dollars. However, it does not necessarily have to be. How can that be done? I can explain it here to you.

Now 1 million dollars may sound like a lot of money. But it is really not a lot of money, remember that. It’s all about the energy that you put into it to believe that it is big and it’s a lot. It will seem to be a lot if you think that it is as simple as 1 dollar, it would be as 1 dollar.

Now, how do you make 1 million dollars in a month? This is the content that I am giving to you at this time. You want to allow the reader to understand that with 1 million dollars, you want to break it down to an hourly rate. As you break it down to an hourly rate, you then want to create a product that will cost that much. When you can get a product that is that much, you then want to get the number of people to buy the product.

Now, let’s say that you are selling a product for five hundred dollars. It would mean that you’ll need 2,000 people to purchase that product. So, you create that product that those 2,000 people will want. Once you get that product, you deliver that product to them. There, you’ll have a million in a month.

3.       Marketing

Advertising that product in front of as many people as possible until you get those 2,000 sales in a month will take practical marketing skills. You need a network strategy. With a network approach, you can attain that million dollars in a month. You must plan your strategy as far as the advertisement is concerned.

Excellent marketing skills include utilizing social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Likened. Take advantage of these social platforms because they can help you in attaining your goal. Know exactly how to strategically market to your social media audience because they, too, require products that I’m confident that you will be able to deliver.

4. Books to read

To stimulate the mind and have it focused upon your goal, you’ll need books to read. The books that you want to read are as follows. You want to read these books so that way you can become more conscious of how you can achieve your goal.

Book number one consists of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The next book you want to read is The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy. This is a very, very powerful book. I would like for you to understand that book because that book is going to open up your mind to a whole lot of things and making a lot of things happen for you. You also want to read Rich Dad, Poor Dad, By Robert Kiyosaki. You want to read The Richest Man in Babylon and Think Big by Dr. Ben Carson.  You can also get these books in an audio version if you do not get the opportunity to thoroughly read the hard copies.

You can get these audiobooks if you take transportation regularly for work or to the gym, or you just drive to go to work daily. You can just put those CDs in your car, and you go about your business listening and absorbing so much information daily. It will trigger the consciousness that you want to awake deep within you to create a million in a month.

You also want to be aware of taking notes while you’re listening. Studies have shown that there’s a correlation between note-taking and listening, which resulted in more useful attainment. When you take notes, what it does, it makes a more significant impression upon the subconscious mind.

5. Subconscious mind at work

How the subconscious mind works.  When you are conscious of what you’re doing, and in your waking moments, whatever that you impress upon the subconscious mind, it delivers what you’re seeking.

So if you are looking to achieve that 1 million in a month and you can repeatedly express your intention to have that amount of money in one month, it will deliver because you’re becoming totally conscious. The mind is going to drive you towards things that you will eventually create.

To make that kind of money in one month, you do not doubt yourself. The subconscious mind is aware of your conscious mind, and you begin to doubt your capability that it’s not possible. You’re talking to the subconscious mind and allowing the subconscious mind to deliver that precisely what you’re expressing. And that is that you do not believe that you can achieve 1 million dollars in a month.

So, you have to definitely have that in your conscious awareness that you want to stay focus upon the notion that you want to have 1 million dollars in a month. If you strictly believe that and you think it wholeheartedly without any and, if or buts about it, it will come true. Do not doubt yourself. Within your mind lies a whole lot of wealth, and you must become conscious of it. You must let it realize that you are capable of achieving that amount of wealth. It is definitely a plus when you can express your intention to your subconscious mind and make it deliver that which you are seeking.

6. 1,700 every day

There are 1,700 people each day who are becoming millionaires, making it possible for over fifty-one thousand people who are becoming millionaires every month. And that is going to increase due to the accessibility of the population and its needs.

Now, If you can create a product that will be able to meet the needs of these individuals, you can create that product and deliver that product in front of X-amount of people, it is definitely possible that this can happen.

7. Goal setting

Now you want to also set goals. Obtainable goals. When you set these goals, you want to set these goals where you know that you can attain them. Once you achieve one goal, you can step it up to accomplish another objective. Create goals that you know that you will perform weekly.

For instance, on a Sunday, you can sit down and plan out exactly what you intend to do for the week to reach that particular goal. You want to work it out in such a way that you know that it will be possible.

You need to make use of time daily. Seven days a week, you must have something that you’re doing to reach that goal for the week. When you can do that, you can eventually reach that goal.

Once you reach that goal, the second week you want to use that same goal from the previous week and incorporate it into the second week, you want to set that goal a little higher. You’re now making that goal a little more intense as you move forward towards that goal, which is to attain a million in a month.

In the third week, you are going to do the same thing, following the same process that you have done in the first week and the second week. The third week you’re going to do the same thing, but you are going to step it up even further, and eventually, you’re going to get to that point.

The final week is when you’re going to have that 1 million dollar, and you believe that you already have it. Because you do not want to strive towards it, but you want to make sure that you’re working towards it to reach that goal.


There you have it. So, in a nutshell, you want to, in summary, first want to ask yourself, what do you really want? Once you can answer that question honestly, you’re on your way to attaining a million in a month. You must have good content to share with others. You must develop a marketing strategy. You need to read inspirational books such as Think and Grow Rich, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Think Big, Richest Man in Babylon, The Power of the Subconscious Mind. You can get the audio books. You need to become aware of your subconscious mind. You need to feed your subconscious mind with only what you want. You need to understand that there are thousands of millionaires are being made each day. You want to set goals and stick to them daily. Stay focused and reach towards that goal in attaining a million in a month.

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